Am I OK?

Am I OKay? How many times have you been asked,  "Are you ok ?"        If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, I'd be a billionaire by now! As young women, we have always been placed on such a high pedestal to act and react in certain manners. Told to sit down and be quiet which can oftentimes make us feel as though we aren't heard or that our opinions don't matter.       Well no more! Its starting with me and I plan to start those conversations that no one else wants to have. I'm creating this platform so that others know they are not alone.  Don't you sometimes feel like the person asking you doesn't even care or just wants the latest drama in your life? Trust me sis, I've been there and I have also felt like there wasn't anyone who truly understood me.  Yes, we all are emotional sometimes and that's OK . Sometimes we wanna cry and scream in the same breath. Thats OK . Sometimes we don't know whats wrong, tha
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